The (Love) Story Behind Our Name


Everyone likes a good love story, right?!

Well, I'm not sure I've always believed in them. Being Indian, a "knight in shining armor" had a (small but real) possibility of being the husband I first met sitting on a white horse at our wedding. I was a late bloomer. I didn't really understand boys existed until high school, and they didn't realize I existed until, well...much later. And like any other head-strong feminist that wanted to take a stand for independence, there was a good portion of my twenties dedicated to proving to the world I didn't need a man.
But sometimes, the big guy upstairs has a
funny sense of humor. And dat dood has had me laughing ever since. 

About five years ago, I was celebrating my birthday at a local bar . Though the facts are fuzzy for all parties involved (this is a judgment-free zone, people), I ended up giving my number to this guy for unknown reasons. Some hilariously awkward texts, forgetting of names and faces, and a big leap of "why the hell not" later, I ended up on my last first date ever with the guy that would later become by lifetime roommate and bae - Mike. This guy is an absolute gem, y'all. He's generous and kind and patient and oh-so-smart. And he just so happens to be a tall glass of water, too (he's going to kill me). Because of this guy, I would (and still do) find myself literally thanking G-d for all the things in my life - both good and bad - because that "jujuu" (or karma) brought me to him. The name takes on a more comical meaning, too, because I am Gujarati (a name for people from Gujarat, India) or "Guju." Mike is the cutest ginger Jew that ever lived. Ju-Jew = Jujuu. Get it? Yes, I'm corny and that's why you're still reading.
Mike has helped me see the good in the world, and the not-so-good as opportunities to effectuate change. The Jujuu Project was birthed from those opportunities. While I understand I'm likely not going to achieve 100% world harmony (I mean I'm good but not that good...YET), gosh darnit, it couldn't hurt trying. With your help, we can all get some good jujuu (why not?) by doing some good in this world. I so appreciate your joining us on our journey of noting the good and sharing the love. 

XO - Sofia

Where it all began...