New Morning Routine, because...Science

December 08, 2016

New Morning Routine, because...Science

All of us have a morning routine. Mine, many times, starts something like this:

Cheery alarm. Snooze. Times three. Angry alarm. Cutie ginger Jew (I'm making this a with it) starts shower. I (begrudgingly) respond to save water  (this saint of a man has me figured out, y'all...pray for him).

Let's just say mornings and me are frenemies. But (luckily for cutie ginger Jew) I'm getting better. I'm not saying I wouldn't go for extra zzz's but The Jujuu Project has me up with the cheery-bird alarm and plotting my next genius move (Pinky and the Brain're welcome).

 I remember years ago I was at a turning point: do I keep practicing law? What is my passion? How do I make a difference? I came across this quote, which rings more true now than ever before:


I'm SO grateful The Jujuu Project found me. I'm excited to see the journey it takes us on. But life changing?!  

Well, maybe.

 Last night, I found this article, I just had to share with y'all, titled, "the 15-minute morning routine that's already changed my life." Bold title. No capitalization- even bolder. I was intrigued.

The USA Today article states (with REAL SOURCES) that "a daily practice of gratitude" improves physical and mental health. How do you do this in just 15 minutes?

1. Note the Good

Jotting down just 3-5 things for which you're thankful - especially on those days where you're reeeeeally pulling at straws to find them - starts you off on the right foot. Maybe you just got a promotion. Maybe the sun is shining outside. Maybe you woke up after just the third snooze alarm (Go. You.) Write that ish down.

2. Share the Love

Spend a few minutes brain dumping. Maybe it's a recollection of your dreams (I'll have to tell you the hilarious one where I ate chips out of a vending machine with Ellen Degeneres). Maybe its an ode to the coffee you need oh. so. bad. Maybe it's just writing I'm so sleepy over and over again. Wake that brain of yours UP.

3. Dream and Scheme

Every single wonderful thing started at some point as an idea. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write down 10 ideas. Any ideas -  business ideas, personal development ideas, hilarious themed-party ideas...write them down. It may seem impossible at first, but after 6 months you develoep the ability to dream up pure brilliance on the spot. Don't think that's a big deal? Well it led to some pretty incredible things for the author: a startup with a cult following. A (dream) job offer. A beautifully balanced work-life. I'm game.

So here it goes, folks. Tomorrow morning, I'll be trying out this new morning routine. I know you're on the list for things for which I'm thankful and the inspiration behind the ideas I have to make this world a better place. You rock. THANK YOU for being you.




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